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Floor Mats - Retail
malls / shops & stores


 Mall Entances
Heavy foot-traffic areas require twice the protection, which is why we recommend pairing a recessed well mat with an absorbent wiper/scraper.


Best Recommendation:
Grounds Keeper
 (shown indoors)

Also Recommended:
Dura Dot (for indoors)


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 Indoor Store Entrances
Enhance your storefront with a high-performance wiper/scraper mat. Its superior scraping and absorbing action keeps your floors safe, clean and ready for business.


Best Recommendation:
Dura Dot (as shown)

Also Recommended:


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 Information Counters / Cashiers
Extra comfort for those who work behind service counters – our anti-fatigue mats are available in carpet-top, rubber and vinyl surfaces.


Best Recommendation:
Protura Comfort Mat (shown on left)
Comfort-King (shown on right)

Also Recommended:


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 Outdoor Entrances
Remove and trap dirt and moisture effectively with a heavy-duty scraper mat like Commercial Clean Machine, which holds four times as much dirt as a regular scraper mat.


Best Recommendation:
Commercial Clean Machine (as shown)

Also Recommended:


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 Personalized Entrances
Reduce the amount of grease, dirt and grime tracked in with one of our many entrance mats, or add color with an Image Products mat.


Image / Logo Mats Recommendation:
Jet Print Logo Mats (as shown)


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