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The Oxford Elite commercial indoor entrance mat is a beautifully designed wiper/scraper mat with a combination of optimum performance and appearance. It provides a cost effective solution for reducing maintenance costs by protecting floors through its multi-level surface.

Its multi-level surface effectively traps dirt and retains moisture for cleaner floors and can be used with Oxford wiper mat for better appearance and wiping results. This entrance mat is best used in interior areas with medium-heavy traffic of a maximum of 1500 people per day like convenience stores, museums, restaurants, hotels, theaters and convention centers.

The mat surface consists of a mix of abrasive and strong olefin fibres that provide a well-balanced wiping and scraping performance. Its heavyweight attractive surface helps hide dirt and keeps entrances clean. The mat has a ThermoFlex vinyl backing that provides optimum floor protection.

This 7/16” thick Crown Mat comes in four colour combinations: black and gray, black and brown, black and burgundy and black and blue. Of the four, the black and gray mat is a quick ship item.The mat comes in various standard sizes of 2’ x 3’, 3’ x 4’, 3’ x 5’, 3’ x 6’, 3’ x 10’, 4’ x 6’, 4’ x 8’ and 4’ x 10’ and rolls sized 3’ x 60’, 4’ x 60’ and 6’ x 60’ to fit all floor sizes. It can also be customized to a maximum size of 11’9” x 60’ mats.

The Oxford Elite is made of a loop-pile polypropylene and nylon fibre and a ThermoFlex D.O.P. free PVC backing. The mat has a pile weight of 32 ounces per square yard and a total weight of 0.82 pounds per square foot.

The mat has vinyl strength of 4 pounds according to ASTM D624 die-T method and passes flammability tests with an FF-1-70 rating. This Crown mat is rather crush resistant, and has equal scraping and wiping abilities.

This entrance mat has a total confidence warranty and is easy to maintain. All the mat requires is a vacuum and hot water extraction to maintain its looks and functionality.

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