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Comfort King™ 440 - 445 Anti Fatigue Mat


Comfort is one of the key aspects when choosing commercial anti fatigue mats and Comfort King 440-445 mats are among the best in this regard. The mats obviously come in two types, namely, Standard (#440) and Supreme (#445).

The Standard type has a thickness of 3/8" while the Supreme type has a thicker profile of 1/2", which provides for 33 percent more comfort for users. Both types, nonetheless, are suitable for placement in dry areas with light to medium traffic. These places include work stations in offices and factories, finishing and assembly stations, and cashier stations.

Comfort King Standard and Supreme mats provide for the following benefits:

Optimum cushioning effect brought by the Zedlan sponge technology used in its manufacture. This results in dramatic relief on the knee, foot and ankles as well as on the pressure points especially after prolonged periods of standing, as is the case with factory workers and cashiers. The Zedlan sponge also provides for extra bounce that stimulates blood flow into the muscles, thus, further reducing fatigue incidence.\

Improved employee productivity brought by the two-fold benefit of increased comfort for the joints and reduced fatigue on the body

Reduced risk for accidents in the workplace because of the mats' high resistance against wear and tear (i.e., abrasion), skids and slips, and chemicals. With a safer work environment, worker compensation expenses also become lower.

Guaranteed durability because Zedlan technology has been proven to outlast competing sponge products 3 to 1

Add-ons available including an anti-microbial additive for better protection against pathogens in the environment and ground cord for anti-static uses. The mats have natural static dissipative properties but the ground cord option adds to anti-static safety.

Comfort King Standard and Supreme mats also come in many colors, sizes and thicknesses. Color choices include Royal Blue, Black, Black with Yellow Borders, and Steel Gray for every need and want.

Sizes come in:

2’ X 3’

3’ X 5’

3’ X 12'

Available rolls sizes are:

2’ X 60’

3’ X 60’

4’ X 60’

6’ X 60'

The Standard and Supreme mats have the following technical specifications:

Zedlan foam

Compression: .12 @ 7psi per ASTM D-1667

Tabor Abrasion:≤1.5% ASTM D-4060

Electrical Properties: (109 ohms per sq.) ASTM D-257

Weight: .76 lbs per sq. yd.

Clean these mats with a damp mop.

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