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Floor Mats - Commercial Offices
office buildings / government / airport / churches


 Indoor Commercial Entances
For matting that works around the clock, choose a high-performance wiper/scraper with coarse fibers that aggressively clean shoes, while maintaining long-lasting beauty.


Best Recommendation:
Dura-Dot (as shown)

Also Recommended:


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 Office Desks
Protect the carpet behind desk areas without covering it up. Chair Mats, which can be used on any type of carpeting, allow chairs to move effortlessly. Available with anti-static properties.


Best Recommendation:
Chair Mats (as shown)


 Church Aisles
Economical aisle runners do it all – reduce disruptive noise, protect against slips and falls, and preserve floors.


Best Recommendation:
Corec Runner (as shown)

Also Recommended:
Pyramid Runner


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 Government Building Entrances
Keep floors dry with an absorbent wiper/scraper like Super-Soaker. Withstanding heavy foot-traffic, these mats effectively retain and hide moisture and dirt, while maintaining their rich color.


Best Recommendation:
Super-Soaker (as shown)

Also Recommended:


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 Exterior Commercial Entrances
For demanding outdoor areas, use Commercial Clean Machine. This textured scraper mat vigorously removes dirt, keeping your floors clean, safe and looking good.


Best Recommendation:
Commercial Clean Machine (as shown)

Also Recommended:
Finger Tip Mat


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