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Floor Mats - Healthcare Settings
hospitals / clinics / doctors' offices


Interior Clinic Entances
Get a second line of defense against moisture and dirt with absorbent wiper mats. Plush olefin fibers soak up moisture, keeping your office or clinic dry and clean.



Best Recommendation:
Rug-Hugger II (as shown)

Also Recommended:
Elite Super Olefin


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Entances to Clean Rooms
Leave dirt, bacteria and mold at the door with this unique mat. Its tacky, anti-microbial surface removes grime and cleans shoes. Perfect for laboratories, surgical rooms and medical offices.



Best Recommendation:
Walk-N-Clean (as shown)


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Nurses' Stations, Shop Counters, Pharmacies, & Clean Rooms
Provide comfort and relief to healthcare workers who are constantly on their feet, while protecting sensitive environments with an anti-microbial mats. Created with an agent that inhibits the growth of harmful microorganisms, these anti-fatigue mats provide ultimate protection and comfort.



Best Recommendation:
Comfort-King Anti-Microbial (as shown)

Also Recommended:
Wear-Bonded Comfort-King


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Hospital Entrances
High performance wiper-scrapers keep debris and moisture where it belongs - outside. Obdura's tight corduroy pattern scrapes away dirt and hides it, while its polypropolene fibers absorb wetness.


Best Recommendation:
Obdura (as shown)

Also Recommended:
Commercial Clean Machine
Tire Track


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Waiting Rooms & Information Areas
Looking for a durable rug with a custom carpet appeal? This wiper/scraper matting traps and hides dirt and moisture below the surface for long lasting beauty.


Best Recommendation:
Berber Tile (as shown)

Also Recommended:
Corduroy Tile
Plush Tile


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Commercial Laundry Rooms
Keep wet environments dry and safe with a drain-through mat.


Best Recommendation:
Cushion Tile (as shown)

Also Recommended:


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