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Anti Fatigue Matting Buyer's Guide

Anti-Fatigue Mats Can Boost Worker Comfort & Morale, Reduce the Risk of Injuries & Accidents, and Protect Floors from Excessive Wear & Tear


One of the most underrated ways to improve worker productivity, especially when workers have to be on their feet, is to use especially engineered anti-fatigue mats in such work areas. These mats are designed to provide support against muscular fatigue, as well as provide traction to reduce the risk of slips and falls.

All in all, these mats actually help businesses improve their bottomline in various ways, so please allow us to help you choose the right anti fatigue mats for your facility.

There are 3 main questions that you need to answer to make the right product selection, and these questions are as follows:

1) What Type of Environment Will the Mat Be Placed In?

2) What Level of Durability or Comfort Do You Require?

3) What Kind of Dimensions Are Needed?


What Type of Environment Will the Mat Be Placed In?

Anti fatigue mats have different types of surfaces, designed either for dry, wet, oily or specialty environments.

These are retail stations or work areas such as customer service counters, assembly lines, cashier stations, shipping/receiving docks...basically any environment in which moisture is limited.

These include places where the risk of falling is higher, whether it be the back-end of a restaurant, a cafe, shower, food storage and any environment that contains considerable moisture.

Refers mostly to messy kitchens and cooking areas, machine shops, garages, steel mills and any other areas where oil and grease is being splashed around.

Typically used to protect sensitive electrical equipment, such as computers.

High-voltage equipment can prove to be deadly to workers, so non-conductive mats protect against this shock.

Once you've identified the type of environment the mat will be installed in, the next question is regarding durability & comfort.


What Level of Durability or Comfort Do You Require?

There's a slight tradeoff between comfort and durability. The more exceptionally durable the mat, the less comfortable it usually is. On the flipside, the very comfortable mats are less durable due to their softness.

These mats, usually rubber, are exceptionally durable against heavy traffic and weight.

Suitable for light to moderate traffic, these mats are designed to provide exceptional comfort.

If you want to shop strictly by price, there are economical options that provide some comfort as well as floor protection.

Note: Our anti-fatigue mats are categorized by Heavy-Duty, Medium-Duty and Light-Duty workload, depending on the traffic they'll withstand.


What Kind of Dimensions Are Needed?

Mats designed for single workstations, covering small areas.

Floor runners and entire rolls that are designed to cover large areas, mainly for large workforces and for protecting floors. Interconnecting and modular options are also available.


Choose a Category Below

Okay, so now that you've answered the 3 questions, regarding Environment, Durability/Comfort and Dimensions, please get started by choosing one of our main categories below:

Note: our mats are available in heavy-duty, medium-duty and light-duty workload depending on the traffic and weight they'll withstand.

Dry Area Anti Fatigue Mats
Mostly PVC foam mats that reduce muscular fatigue and offer better adherence and insulation than hard floors. We also carry patented Zedlan foam mats for superior comfort.

Wet Area Anti Fatigue Mats
Mostly rubber compound mats with drainage holes to reduce water on the surface of the mat, while providing traction and durability, with less overall comfort.

Oily/Greasy Area Anti Fatigue Mats
Made of Nitrile compound that resists oils and greases, these mats need to be of very high durability, and efficient at draining liquids. They also provide very aggressive slip resistance for improved safety.

Anti-Static Mats
Foam PVC mats with static dissipative surface to disharge static electricity at various 'ohms' per square. These mats can help keep sensitive equipment safe.

Non-Conductive Mats
Also known as switchboard matting, these mats insulate workers from dangerous shocks by high voltage equipment. They contain enough 'dielectric' strength to be considered true safety mats.

Floor Runners
These are designed to protect floors and provide traction and durability. They come in large sizes to cover large areas, and provide little to no 'anti fatigue' comfort.