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Clean Room Mats
Double-Backed by the Strongest Guarantee & Warranty Available!

Clean room mats are especially designed for sensitive areas where dirt, contamination, & bacteria can be a serious hazard.

The clean room mats featured below attract & trap dirt, and they also have anti-microbial properties that prevent germs & bacteria from building up. Some mats are made of anti-fatigue material, reducing worker fatigue & boosting productivity & morale.

To maintain the safest & cleanest of environments, choose the type of clean room mat you need below:

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Pur Comfort

Performance: Ultimate

Main Benefits:
1) Incredibly comfortable.
2) Certified for use in clean rooms.
3) Slip resistant.
4) Electro-static dissipative properties.
5) 10 year warranty.

Starting Price: $33.25 / sq. ft.

Comfort-King Anti-Microbial

Performance: Best

Main Benefits:
1) Superior anti-fatigue mat.
2) Anti-microbial: Inhibits growth of harmful microorganisms.
3) Electro-static dissipative properties.

ustom & Stock Sizes

Starting Price: $4.67 / sq. ft.

 Safe Flow Plus

Performance: Best

Main Benefits:
- Maximum resistance to water, oils, greases, chemicals and animal fats.
- Anti microbial & anti static properities.
- 100% nitrile rubber mat.

Stock Sizes

Starting Price: $5.59 / sq. ft.


Performance: Better

Main Benefits:
1) Tacky surface removes dirt, bacteria, and mold.
2) Cleans shoes with anti-microbial agent.
3) FDA approved - Refill pads available.


Starting Price: $16.64 / sq. ft.

 Cleanroom Mat

Performance: Good

Main Benefits:
1) Tacky surface pulls dirt and dust off shoe soles.
2) 30 layers of tough film provide great durability.
3) Easy to maintain - Simply pull off the top layer and discard.


Starting Price: $5.39 / sq. ft.