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clean rooms / utilities / static control areas / testing


 Electrically Sensitive Work Stations
To avoid damage from electrical surges and sparks, rely on one of our anti-static mats with anti-fatigue comfort.


Best Recommendation:
Electrically Conductive Deck Plate (as shown)

Also Recommended:
Comfort-King Anti Static


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 Mainframes & Computer Areas
Our anti-static, carpet-top mat gives you the attractive look and feel of carpeting without the worries of static damaging your computer systems or electronic equipment.


Best Recommendation:
Stat-Zap Carpet Top (as shown)


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 Clean Rooms
Our anti-microbial mats have electro-static dissipative properties and microorganism inhibitors.


Best Recommendation:
Comfort-King Anti-Microbial (as shown)


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 High-Voltage Electrical Equipment
Non-conductive matting helps protect workers from electrical shocks. Available with a corrugated, deck plate or smooth surface, these runners are ideal for control panels and switchboards.


Best Recommendation:
Corrugated Switchboard Runner (as shown)


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 Electrically Sensitive Environments
Minimize data loss and damage to your electronic equipment, while relieving fatigue with our comfortable, anti-static mats.


Best Recommendation:
Stat-Control (as shown)

Also Recommended:
Comfort-King Anti Static


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