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 Safety-Aware Border Anti-Fatigue Mat
Add this can't-miss-it border to deck plate anti fatigue mats or runners, and promote safety and boost worker productivity.


Best Recommendation:
Industrial Deck-Plate w/ Safety Border  (as shown)

Also Recommended:
Ultrasoft Diamond-Plate
Comfort-King Safe-N-Easy


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Provide anti-slip and floor protection with economical, light-weight vinyl runners. Ideal for walkways, aisles, and storage areas.


Best Recommendation:
Pro-Tekt Runner  (as shown)

Also Recommended:
Corec Runner


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 Emergency Wash Stations
Available in OSHA-approved colors, these mats identify wash stations instantly. Waffle-grid tiles drain quickly.


Best Recommendation:
Cushion-Tile Shower Station  (as shown)


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